Monday, August 22, 2011

Just Plain Strange: Bunny Town #1 (Radio Comix, 2002)

Was it the sense of dread on Lonely Bunny's face as a lightning bolt came shooting at her? Or was it the cute style and presentation of Bunny Town #1's artwork that made this comic a must have? A little of both actually. Bunny Town was a two issue comic series by Radio Comix almost a decade ago now. The comic features Lonely Bunny who has just landed in Bunny Town, a city full of...sharks, bears, and cats...among other animals.

Lonely meets a shark named Malibu who proceeds to show her around town. From there, Malibu introduces Lonely to his friends Bollo the Bear and Blacksie the Cat...who have a habit for chewing on bunnies. Lonely uses her self-defense skills to take out Bollo's eye, and it only gets worse from here. The artwork by Will Allison is great, and he manages to mix cute animals with bloody action sequences that might even make an animal activist laugh.

 My favorite story in this issue is "Employment", where Lonely walks into a cosmetics building looking for a job. She is quickly hired and led through various disturbing rooms she is told to stay away from. She land in the testing room, where she will be a test subject. She is then subjected to testing by getting sprayed in the eyes with perfume. "Think of the children you've saved!", declares her supervisor...

The humor in Bunny Town is well done and hilarious, without going too over the top. It's a good blend of cutesy animal action and the right amount of blood and gore that does the trick and cues the laughs at opportune moments. Sadly the series only lasted two issues, but they can be found for cheap in your local bargain bins. Worth picking up!


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