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Saturday, December 24, 2011

80's Oddities: Comico Christmas Special #1 (Comico, 1988)

What better way to spend Christmas Eve then by talking about one my favorite comics from Christmas past. Comico Christmas Special #1 features five unique holiday stories all written by Doug Wheeler (Swamp Thing) and drawn by some of the best in the biz, including Steve Rude and Tim Sale, as well as a nice cover by Dave Stevens.

The issue kicks off with "Living for Christmas", a futuristic story of a man who chooses to sleep in suspended animation and only wakes up during Christmas each year. Great story about the importance of family and what Christmas truly means...and clearly, that meaning is lost on Mr. Altman...whose family has long past away now that he has lived for over 185 years.

Next up is "Too Many Santas", a tale of a boy who realizes that Santa Claus can't be real if he is ringing bells on every street corner in town. Things take a turn for the worse when the "real" Santa arrives to deliver the boy's gifts...only to be met by a loaded gun. Interestingly enough...the boy is about to learn the true secret of Santa....

"The Stiflemix Diaries", penciled by Tim Sale (Batman: The Long Halloween), examines another futuristic tale where Christmas has been banned in all other months except December by the Government. A secret group called the Noel Liberation Brigade have assembled to carry out their mission to "Free Christmas" and are planning a protest, all of which are documented in the Stiflemix Diaries.

Up next is "One Winter Day", a tale of a typical December morning in Erie Pennsylvania, and a look into a boy's torment as he is forced to shovel snow off the driveway again and again. How will he escape this duty?

The last story, "Traditions Everlasting" is the best tale of the issue and is beautifully drawn by Steve Rude (Nexus). Here is the story in it's entirety for you to enjoy. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

80's Oddities: Dangerworld #1 (Sting Ray Comics, 1985)

It wouldn't be easy to count how many artists were inspired by the legendary Jack Kirby, but I know a good homage when I see one. Dangerworld #1 is a great example of that. Written and penciled by Alan Harvey, the story focuses on a hero named The Wanderer...caught in a world of, well....danger!

The story of Dangerworld is admittedly hard to follow. We have The Wanderer "wandering" around and getting into all sorts of trouble.

He sneaks up on an evil gathering lead by Madaro, The Master of All...who is planning on invading the great Rock City. The Wanderer decides to use Madaro's own devices against he pours the flames of the Signal-Fire Urn on top of the villain.

The flames of the altar doesn't seem to faze Madaro, and he is able to easily overpower the naive hero as he summons a greater foe....the menacing Reptar!

The Wanderer battles Reptar in what I think are the best panels in the issue. Nothing wrong with copying Kirby's long as it's done well...which I think Harvey pulls off here.

The story might be lacking, and the artwork might not be quite up to the caliber that Kirby put still is enjoyable to look at and there are some terrific panels to be had here. Although Dangerworld lasted three issues, it looks like a new version of the comic is being self-released by Bill Harvey, who I am guessing is the same guy as Alan Harvey...for the artwork looks exactly the same as this version.

For more on the new Dangerworld series, check it out here: