Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unusual Heroes: L.I.F.E. Brigade (Blue Comet Comics, 1986)

Depending upon your level of intellectual open-mindedness...L.I.F.E. Brigade #1 just might be one of the most amazing obscure comics you'll ever find in the 80's era...or the most idiotic. Created by C.A. Stormon, the Brigade features a bevy of interesting (and slightly neurotic) characters:

Long John Lazer:  Leader of the Brigade. Can shoot a lazer-beam from his left eye, which has caused that side of his face to mutate John into one ugly mofo. The mullet doesn't help!
The Ray Gun Kid: Sports a weird-looking helmet and two generic guns. No one knows much about him.
Rochel Windraven: An Indian Shamaness with spiritual powers such as ESP and teleportation.
The Blue Comet: Silly looking hero that can fly around space and wields the power of a comet.
The Atomic Oracle: A powerful robot that was discovered and built by the Brigade. Looks like a ripoff of Acroyear of Micronauts fame.

The first issue kicks off like an old movie I saw recently but can't remember the name of. The L.I.F.E. Brigade are on a mission to find a new planet that can sustain life when they spy a group of armored aliens burying a large box.

 Blue Comet uses his powers to open the box, and the group finds parts to build a "Totally Radical!" robot.

The robot dons his armor and chooses to help the L.I.F.E. Brigade after some introductions....

....yep, this is how Blue Comet gets his powers.

And there you have it, the L.I.F.E. Brigade.

The next chapter focuses on helping the Atomic Oracle retrieve his "self" computer-chip, which is hidden deep within the caves of a small moon. Once they retrieve the chip they are attacked by those darned armored aliens again...and proceed to obliterate every alien in one panel!

And more origin stories are revealed!

Thanks to the Atomic Oracle's new chip, he is able to warp-speed the Brigade back to planet Earth, where they find evolution has reversed and taken a turn for the worse.

No sooner do they arrive when they are attacked by....well wouldn't ya know it, those damned armored aliens again!

The Brigade are able to shoot down all of the alien-fighter ships, but the Emperor's ship escapes...leaving one mad alien king begging for vengeance!

And there you have the bulk of the first issue of L.I.F.E. Brigade. The writing didn't win any awards and almost singlehandly ruined the comic, that is if the artwork hadn't been this spectacular in it's uniqueness. I really enjoy Stormon's art styles...he has an underground drawing style that really appeals to the eye.

Three issues of L.I.F.E. Brigade are floating around out there in the basements of the world. It might behoove you to seek these out, that is...if you are open to enjoying a bizarrely generic space opera from hell.

And here's a cool depiction of L.I.F.E. Brigade by some guy named Wong:


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