The Sandman Saves Christmas

A campy good time awaits in this rare Kirby Christmas story!

Unusual Heroes: Dell's Dracula

Dell's Monster turned Superhero gimmick is campy fun.

Horror-Mood: On A Pale Horse

How would you like to have the Grim Reaper's job? Zane finds out!

Mystifying Marvels: Krull #1-2 (1983)

A forgotten 80's Sci-fi movie and it's forgotten comic adaptation!

DC Diversions: EKKO

Dr. Hawks dons the Ekko suit as murderballs and mayhem await!

Spotlight: Gene Day's Black Zeppelin

A plethora of hidden gems await in Day's dream anthology.

Unusual Heroes: Captain Zilog! #1

Ride the rails of insanely outdated computing technology with Captain Zilog!

Rockin' Bones #1

Monsters, Aliens and Punk Rockers...oh my!

Goin' Underground: Monolith

A couple of Larry's turn out an underrated comix gem.

Cult Classic Comics: Freakwave!

Get your Fog-Mask on, it's time to ride the Freakwave!

The Phenom of Phase

Fanzines never had this much firepower!

The Skull Killer

Pulp Fiction + Underground Comix = Classic

Saga of the Victims

70's exploitation at it's best.

The L.I.F.E. Brigade

Cheesy characters flourish within an underground art style.

Light Comitragies

A strange relic from the psychedelic era.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Unusual Heroes: Pteranoman! #1 (Kitchen Sink, 1990)

Don Simpson is best known for the hilarious antics of his Megaton Man creation, but he also created many other characters such as Pteranoman: Dinosaur Fighter!...a guy that dresses up as a dinosaur and...fights dinosaurs!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Goin' Underground: Starhead Presents #2: Curse of the Baby Monster (Starhead Comix, 1987)

The underground comix scene was pretty much dead by the birth of the 80's due to much controversy. While a chosen few such as Zippy the Pinhead saw success in publication, Fritz the Cat and many others disappeared by the wayside, and the underground pickings were slim.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Science Addiction: Star Reach #1 (1974)

Sometimes finding the long lost early works of a respected artist can throw one for a loop and blow them away. Such is the case of what happened when I first read Star Reach #1. Star Reach was an independent anthology comic book that wasn't easily found among the comic racks in department and convenience stores at the time. This was the type of book you had to mail order or subscribe for, or if you were the type, might have found in a head shop. It contained dark subject matter featuring sex and drugs within sci-fi and fantasy realms.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fanzine Fever: Phase #1 (1971)

In 1971, two young men by the names of Sal Quartuccio and John Carbonaro put together what may be the greatest group of talent to ever appear in one fanzine: Marv Wolfman, Ken Barr, Neal Adams, Bernie Wrightson, Gerry Conway, Gray Morrow, Mike Kaluta, Tony DeZuniga, Ernie Colon, Frank Brunner, Rich Buckler, Jeff Jones, Denny O'Neil and Len Wein to name a few. The result of this amazing group of collaborators became Phase #1.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goin' Underground: The Skull Killer (Pulp Mania Inc., 1975)

Part of the job in maintaining a blog such as this one is in finding comics that are not only obscure and unusual, but entirely mind-blowing and fantastic as well. Well look no further folks, because I've found the grandaddy of them all...The Skull Killer #1.