Friday, June 22, 2012

Goin' Underground: Starhead Presents #2: Curse of the Baby Monster (Starhead Comix, 1987)

The underground comix scene was pretty much dead by the birth of the 80's due to much controversy. While a chosen few such as Zippy the Pinhead saw success in publication, Fritz the Cat and many others disappeared by the wayside, and the underground pickings were slim.

But thanks to R.K. Sloane, the comix scene would prove to be alive and well in 1987. Inspired by a steady diet of Rick Griffin art and work with the likes of Ed Roth and Robt. Williams, Sloane developed a unique underground style to call his own, and produced this gem for Seattle-based Starhead Comix in Starhead Presents #2: Curse of the Baby Monster.

The story focuses on Jimmy Johnson, a young scientist who injects his little sister's Lettuce Leaf Doll with an unknown formula, hoping to discover the secrets of life. The results aren't quite what Jimmy expects...and the frankenbaby that is born thinks Jimmy is mama. It only gets worse from there! Full story:

Sloane's vision is amazing to look at, and his art style leaps off these pages in all of their black and white glory. Curse of the Baby Monster was in a class of it's own during this time period. Sloane has gone on to pencil many punk rock album covers and is still drawing today. Check out his awesome website here:


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