The Sandman Saves Christmas

A campy good time awaits in this rare Kirby Christmas story!

Unusual Heroes: Dell's Dracula

Dell's Monster turned Superhero gimmick is campy fun.

Horror-Mood: On A Pale Horse

How would you like to have the Grim Reaper's job? Zane finds out!

Mystifying Marvels: Krull #1-2 (1983)

A forgotten 80's Sci-fi movie and it's forgotten comic adaptation!

DC Diversions: EKKO

Dr. Hawks dons the Ekko suit as murderballs and mayhem await!

Spotlight: Gene Day's Black Zeppelin

A plethora of hidden gems await in Day's dream anthology.

Unusual Heroes: Captain Zilog! #1

Ride the rails of insanely outdated computing technology with Captain Zilog!

Rockin' Bones #1

Monsters, Aliens and Punk Rockers...oh my!

Goin' Underground: Monolith

A couple of Larry's turn out an underrated comix gem.

Cult Classic Comics: Freakwave!

Get your Fog-Mask on, it's time to ride the Freakwave!

The Phenom of Phase

Fanzines never had this much firepower!

The Skull Killer

Pulp Fiction + Underground Comix = Classic

Saga of the Victims

70's exploitation at it's best.

The L.I.F.E. Brigade

Cheesy characters flourish within an underground art style.

Light Comitragies

A strange relic from the psychedelic era.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Unusual Heroes: Berzerker #1 (Gauntlet, 1993)

Berzerker began life on Gary Carlson's (of Big Bang Comics) spiral notepad during high school way back in 1974. Originally called the Terminator, the character was a cyborg sent back in time to stop sentient machines from killing humans. Sound familiar? That would be because the 1985 movie of the same name shared many common themes with Carlson's idea, although Carlson has chalked this up to just coincidence.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Unusual Heroes: Sidney Mellon's Thunderskull! #1 (Slave Labor, 1989)

There are heroes, and then there is Thunderskull!...a hero that could only exist within the fantasies of young Sidney Mellon. A smart fellow, you might have caught Mellon's name within the columns of comic-book letter pages in the late 80's, spewing fanboy kitsch among the masses.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Goin' Underground: Surf Crazed Comics #1 (Pacifica, 1991)

Surf Crazed was created by two surfing-artists in 1991. Salvador Paskowitz and Roy Gonzalez created and shipped roughly 55,000 copies of the first issue to surf shops around the nation, with the intention of cashing in on the idea of an underground surfing comic based purely upon the culture of surfing.