Thursday, May 10, 2012

Goin' Underground: Surf Crazed Comics #1 (Pacifica, 1991)

Surf Crazed was created by two surfing-artists in 1991. Salvador Paskowitz and Roy Gonzalez created and shipped roughly 55,000 copies of the first issue to surf shops around the nation, with the intention of cashing in on the idea of an underground surfing comic based purely upon the culture of surfing.

The first issue features three stories: "Riders of Steel", a futuristic take on surfing involving a surfer named Sean Spencer and his encounter with Cyquest and the metallic surfing warriors.

Excerpts from "Riders of Steel":

Next up is, "The King and I", which is an artistic homage to underground comix legend Rick Griffin. The story features a surfers' encounter with Elvis on the waves.

Excerpts from "The King and I":

The last full feature, "The Adventures of Slick the Cat", is the story of Slick, a cat that just wants to surf. Unfortunately for Slick, closed surf shops, cat-eating sharks, and aliens that want to suck up the ocean stand in his way.

Excerpts from "The Adventures of Slick the Cat":

There is also a handful of cool pin-ups and other artwork in Surf Crazed:

Surf Crazed lasted six issues, which is pretty good for a self-released title. The comic should appeal to fans of underground comix, surfing culture, psychedelic artwork and obscure aficionados.


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