Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Science Addiction: The 7th System (Sirius, 1998)

It's fair to say that most comics from the 90's suffer from a bad rap for drawing artwork that has become notorious for it's sense of style during the decade. One of the most underrated artists of the period, and certainly an exception to the 90's comic-curse is Roel Wielinga, who in my opinion is one of the better artists still drawing today.

The 7th System was Roel's first attempt at writing and illustrating a comic book, and it's a damn good one at that. The story focuses on a cluster of planets called the 7th system, and the various races that inhabit each world. The leaders of each planet formulated a ritual called the Games of Cruden, a gladiator-style battle that would determine which planet would rule the 7th system.

The last man standing and victor of the contest is a man called Domonisk from the planet of Borset. He becomes the Governor of the 7th system and rules for 12 years before becoming overthrown by an alliance formed by other planets..and is subsequently exiled to the prison planet of Vela.

Due to an experimental serum that was given to him while he was Governor, Domonisk found that he was now immortal and fought his way for survival on the harsh planet, becoming a Demon God with a vengeance against those that had banished him.

Armed with a powerful dragon mount, Demon God Domonisk now seeks out his revenge as a group of bounty hunters are on his trail...

After a tense battle, Domonisk is knocked from his mount and left vulnerable. As words are exchanged, a giant Roche Wyrm attacks from below, which the hunters believe the Demon God has summoned.

As the giant Wyrm wreaks havoc it is discovered that one of the bounty hunters is actually Princess Kat, who Domonisk decides to rescue from the Wyrm and kidnap for reasons unknown. It's a fantastic end to the first issue that has me yearning for more.

The 7th System lasted six-issues, and they are well worth seeking out as for the amazing artwork and the fascinating, fully-fleshed out universe. Although Roel has moved on from comics, he is still illustrating beautiful artwork. Check out his website over at


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