Sunday, November 27, 2011

Science Addiction: Track Rabbit (Geoff Vasile, 2007)

Track Rabbit #1 is the first mini-comic created by Geoff Vasile. It features a tale called, "Look To The Stars" which tells the story of Peter, a science fiction-reading geek who gets dumped by his artsy girlfriend and finds himself entrapped in another relationship with a girl named Anthea. Peter digs Anthea at first, but soon realizes they have little in common.

To combat the stresses he's enduring in the relationship, Peter decides to build a spaceship...out of his own science fiction novels.

Peter's plan involves taking Anthea for a quick ride in his creation and then dumping her...however, his plans change as the ship loses control and the troubled couple find themselves traveling through space, and eventually, another planet appears.

The ship endures a hard landing and the engine blows up shortly after they arrive. Several months after the crash-landing, Peter and Anthea meet the planet's inhabitants...which are cute alien monkey thingies. Anthea loves 'em, while Peter does not get along with them at all.

The ship eventually turns back into a pile of science fiction books for Peter to read, while his relationship with Anthea gets decidedly casual as she befriends the alien monkey thingies. One day a spaceship appears, only to lift Anthea and her new found friends off to another planet. Anthea says goodbye to Peter, and offers an explanation as to why she is leaving him on the planet to die.

This is a great first work and mini comic by Geoff Vasile. He has since produced a few more issues of Track Rabbit. Be sure to check those out as well as his other works, and you can find more info at his website here:


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