Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fanzine Fever: A+Plus #1 (Megaton, 1977)

Look closely, comic this may be the only time you ever see a Clown, a little kid and a naked woman all on a front cover! A-Plus was Detroit's answer to the fanzine/underground scene of the 70's, and featured a bevy of local and amateur talent.

The standout feature in this one has to be "The Fool", by Bill Bryan...featuring the aforementioned cast of characters appearing on the cover. Instead of talking about it, read it for yourself and make your own conclusions...and get ready for something entirely off the wall:

And there we have it. Pretty epic in a strange, unique way. I enjoyed Bryan's art-style and thought it was pretty good as far as amateur work goes. The other stories in this issue are mainly sci-fi based, including "Stargod" by Joel Stolinsky and "Tendrils of the Mind" by Kevin Siembieda. A-Plus lasted another three issues before disappearing entirely before the end of '77.

Here's the equally awesome cover for A-Plus #2, which I may review in a future post:


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