Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cravin' Kirby: The U.F.O.

This is the first of a few new features planned for OTBP. Cravin' Kirby will be a weekly examination of Jack Kirby's fantastic artwork, from panels and splash pages, to concepts and interesting "King Kirby" stories.

Today we're taking a look at the U.F.O. that appeared on the cover of Invasion, ACG's 1997 reprint of Wally Wood's "The Flying Saucers":

The cover above is unmistakeably Jack Kirby artwork, but Kirby had passed on a few years prior to the release of this reprint. Thanks to a few friends over at the Classic Comics CBR Forum, it was discovered that the original artwork first appeared in the Jack Kirby Masterworks from Privateer Press in 1979:

So it looks like someone flipped the image and touched it up for the ACG reprint. It's an amazing U.F.O., and only adds to the awestruck wonder of Kirby's brilliant imagination.


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