Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spotlight: Gene Day's Black Zeppelin, Part Two

Part two of our spotlight on Gene Day's Black Zeppelin anthology continues into issue #2,  beginning with a sci-fi epic called "Quiet in the Green".

This is interesting -- "Quiet in the Green" was something Gene came up with for another publication, but he was never paid for it and the story never appeared in print. The Day family wanted to print the story for Black Zeppelin, but the original artwork was lost. All that was left were some xeroxes of the artwork, in bad quality and faded over time.

Gene's younger brother David decided to reproduce the artwork from those bad xeroxes, and was able to restore the piece as well as draw the cover art in an amazing homage to his brother Gene.

Also notable in issue #2 is this artwork and poem by Gene titled, "The Bizarre and the Fantastic":

The next three issues of Black Zeppelin steer further into the horror genre, with some frightening tales by Gene Day and other collaborators. Here are the covers for the remaining issues:

The Black Zeppelin series turned out to be an incredible tribute to the work of Gene Day, with some amazing gems hidden among every issue. I only planned to post a few of the stories because I want people to seek these issues out, as I highly recommend them to any fans of the brothers Day or independent art enthusiasts.


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