Friday, October 25, 2013

DC Diversions: Elvira's House of Mystery #11 (DC, 1987)

The one and only Mistress of the Dark took over DC's House of Mystery series for an eleven-issue run in 1986-87. This final issue was billed as a Giant-Sized Halloween Spectacular, and featured a beautiful cover by the late, great Dave Stevens.

Most of Elvira's House of Mystery comics had very lighthearted, B-grade stories, and the last issue was no exception. Check one out as Elvira and Cain introduce us to a story called simply, "Bugs!":

Yummy! Elvira had originally taken over the House of Mystery during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Cain went missing during this period, so Elvira stayed at the House and poked fun at Cain's expense quite often. Cain reappeared in this issue, #11, and the story wraps up as Elvira and Cain find a few other Mystery guests hiding in the chimney.

More Halloween stuff coming tomorrow!


Dave Stevens sure did justice to Elvira on that cover art.

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