Thursday, September 8, 2011

80's Oddities: Love Fantasy #1 (Renegade Press, 1987)

Love Fantasy #1 is quite an odd comic...not only for it's content but also for the writer's involved in the issue. Drawn by Canadian artist Jacques Boivin (who also worked on the erotic comic "Melody" for Kitchen Sink Press), the comic is essentially about strange love encounters. What attracted me to this comic was the cover, which had me enthralled in that it reminded me of my own relationship: I love giant monster movies (huge Godzilla fan) while my wife is a book addict, and the Kindle I bought her last year has already consumed nearly 100 titles.

The first story in this book is titled "Check-Out Girl". It is written by Mike Baron, the creator of characters such as Nexus and Badger. It is weird seeing Baron in this format, but he was writing for Flash at the maybe he needed to "run away" from that type of writing for a bit. His story here involves a man named Malcolm asking the check-out girl out for a date, and gets rejected. He goes back to work at a bank where he encounters the girl again...and this time she accepts a date and much more. It's a very straight-forward and simple story, and I wonder if it was based on Baron's own dating experiences.

Next up is "The Perfect Guy", which is written by Canadian Arn Saba. Nothing really special here, as we meet a single mother named Katy who is looking to spruce up her life, all while being subjugated to various banter by her daughter and maintenance man. She gets set up on a date by her boss and falls for the guy, but finds out he is married. More interesting than this story is the life of the writer. Creator of the Neil the Horse series, Arn Saba officially changed his name to Katherine Collins and became a woman in 1993. Then in 2005 she was deported under the USA Patriot act for "crimes of moral turpitude". In 2008 she fell ill to leukemia, but has since recovered.

The last story, written by Mark Shainblum, is titled "Royal Con Interlude". It's a tale of a comic writer named Conrad who meets the girl of his dreams at a comic book store. They fall in love and together create a comic called "Magicstone". The series is a hit, and they set up shop at a local comic convention...where the writer encounters a fan that happens to be the actual Magicstone character in the flesh. Check out a few pages of the story:

The story gets a little bit more risque from here, but we end up learning that Conrad is just fantasizing, and the real "Magicstone" is his girl Marcie.

Yep, this is weird stuff. They should have called this comic "Weird Love Fantasy" instead.


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