Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just Plain Strange: Wolff & Byrd: Counselors of the Macabre #8 (Exhibit A Press, 1995)

I admit I had never heard of this Wolff & Byrd series when I saw this issue initially, but I am a sucker for giant one-eyed tentacle thingies like the one on this cover, so I decided to give this series a shot. Wolff & Byrd: Counselors of the Macabre is a lighthearted series heavy on chatty dialogue and situational humor. The two counselors run a law-firm that helps monsters and supernatural beings with legal issues, often getting into conflict with the creatures all at the same time.

The series is created by Batton Lash who writes and pencils the book himself. In this issue Wolff & Byrd go out of town to attend a convention, leaving their secretary Mavis to handle all of the monsters while they are gone...which is a handful. Another attorney named Tobias Bascoe comes over to the office to work on a case, and gets into trouble in the library by accidentally summoning a creature called Th'Lulu from another dimension.

I found the humor in this issue pretty hilarious at times, particularly the part where Th'Lulu has the hots for Mavis as she reveals that alien monsters have a thing for human females. Lash also has a way for developing his characters fully through said humor, making for an interesting cast.

 It's fun stuff, and Lash's pencils are great and remind me kind of like Archie comics at times, which makes sense as he did work for Archie in the past. Although there is a ton of dialogue in this issue and it can trail off at times, it seems like a series worth checking out further. I would say Wolff & Byrd #8 was a pleasant surprise and a good read.


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