Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cult Classic Comics: Warlock 5, Part One

This week I'm going to tear into Warlock 5, an 80's series that I consider to be a cult classic within the B&W comics realm. Published by Aircel Comics in 1986, Warlock 5 was created by writer Gordon Derry and artist Denis Beauvais, who together weaved a complex tale of five Guardians engaged in an epic power battle for control of the Grid, a portal where all parallel dimensions intersect. One problem -- the Grid is located here on Earth, and it's their battleground.

The Warlock 5 are a diverse and interesting group. There's a medieval knight called Doomidor, Argon the Terminator, Tanith the Sorceress, a Mystic dragon that takes human form called Savashtar, and Zania, a punk rocker Witch straight out of Mad Max. Together they get along like an episode of Survivor, taking alliances and strategizing together to manipulate the outcome for the ultimate control of the Grid.

Here are the character sheets for each Guardian:

The first issue of Warlock 5 kicks things off with Doomidor and his knights on their way to battle Argon's robot forces for power over the Grid. Two other Guardians, Tanith and Savashtar, enjoy a peaceful night toasting to balance over the Grid when they are notified of the impending war.

Tanith and Savashtar rush to try and stop the battle, but they are too late...and all hell breaks loose.

Savashtar takes Dragon-form and gets involved in the melee, as does Tanith with her sorcery.

Tanith's mortal lover Thorin is killed during the battle, prompting Savashtar to incinerate the body.

But before they can make their escape, the fifth Guardian Zania surprises them both in an ambush as the first issue comes to an end.

As you might tell from this first issue, Warlock 5 doesn't waste any time getting to the good stuff, letting the carnage knock you off your feet while also telling the story. Denis Beauvais' artwork is insane, isn't it? Both Derry and Beauvais worked on Warlock 5 for the next dozen issues or so, and the series lasted up to 22 issues.

Our Warlock 5 feature continues here.


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