Monday, July 29, 2013

Cult Classic Comics: Warlock 5, Part Three

The third issue has all five Guardians of the Warlock 5 working together to stop the Wraiths from coming into their dimension, after Argon blew up Zania's gate to hell in the last issue.

It begins with one of Zania's Wraith-possessed undead posing as a delivery boy at Tanith's mansion.

The incident leaves Tanith with a horrible mark, slashed by the Wraith in unsuspecting fashion. Meanwhile Zania and Argon meet with Doomidor to ask for help with banishing the Wraiths.

Doomidor needs a little "convincing", but agrees to join forces with Zania and Argon and is able to get the other Guardians to withhold their vengeance and help as well. The Warlock 5 come together at Zania's stronghold in an effort to use their combined powers to close the gateway.

The Warlock 5 are able to close the gateway, and their powers spent because of it. Doomidor ceases the opportunity to attack the other Guardians, but before he can do any major damage, Zania trumps them all with a giant fucking nuclear warhead at her disposal.

The ending to Warlock 5 #3 is a bit controversial, as the whole plot is basically ignored in future issues like it never even happened. These kind of plot holes can occur in independent works, so I can forgive it here. But it seemed like a good setup to see the Warlock 5 do what they do best...blow each other up. Instead, the series begins to take a bit of a downward spiral, but only because readers have no idea where this series seems to be going.

Stay tuned as we take a look at a few more issues of Warlock 5 in our fourth and final chapter!


Thanks for these. I always wondered about the series. Wish I could have read them all.

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