Saturday, October 29, 2011

Unusual Heroes: Kid Death & Fluffy Halloween Special #1 (1997, Event Comics)

The first thing that struck me as I opened this issue was that Kid Death & Fluffy are characters created by Joe Quesada of all people. Turns out Quesada and Jim Palmiotti formed Event Comics in 1994, and these characters were one of many the two created during the company's run.

At first, I thought Kid Death and Fluffy were siblings...but thanks to clarification by artist Rick Parker (thanks again Rick!) I've learned this is not the case. Kid Death, the little guy, gets off on killing people left and right...while Fluffy acts as the sexy bombshell sidekick who has super huge boobs but a brain the size of a walnut.

In Kid Death & Fluffy Halloween Special #1 we see the siblings head to a Halloween party. This isn't you're normal party though...Nuns are getting zapped in electric chairs, and there's an Embalmer (thanks yet again Rick!) going around killing party-goers...after all, he is the life of the party...

Kid Death gets mummified after volunteering for a demonstration, and Fluffy is escorted away by the Embalmer as Kid Death pleads against  it.

The rest of the story deals with Kid Death escaping and rescuing Fluffy, and putting an end to the Embalmer's vile and disgusting ways. 

 I was surprised with a lot of the content in this one, it reminds me a lot like the underground comix of years past, and is pretty graphic and vulgar. Surprisingly, there is no "Adults Only" or anything warning of such content, so I hope this one didn't fall into too many young hands. 

Yours truly shall be out of town through Halloween, so I hope everyone has a perfect Devil's Night and I will be back in about a week or so. Happy Halloween!


...and oh, it's "The Emblamer", not The Executioner.

Thanks for the info Rick, much appreciated!

fluffy is the robo t-rex dog... also its a little bit annoying that you cant just show the rest

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