Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just Plain Strange: Twitch (Justin Hampton, 1994)

Halloween month wouldn't be complete without a story about a black cat!

Justin Hampton is a Seattle-based artist best known for his fantastic rock posters that he's created for concerts over the past two decades. He's also dabbled in animation and even comics as well, although the latter is few and far between.

Twitch #1 is one of those very few comics he's created, and it features four of his original stories and a poem. Included are "Hareraiser", "Fraidy Cat", "Fugitive of the Soul", "Death Bed Ear", and "Unraveled". Most of these are lighthearted romps, as well as hilarious. "Hareraiser" has to take the cake as the best story about a woman and her troubled dog (and their neighbor's prized, dead rabbit).

But today the focus is on "Fraidy Cat", in honor of Halloween Month. This is a well-drawn 12-page story about a black cat and it's battle against a possessed oven-pad that was discovered in a drawer full of witchcraft items. Here it is in it's entirety:

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