Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Horror Mood: Shadows From The Grave (Renegade Press, 1987)

A few weeks ago I talked about The Champion, which featured fantastic artwork by Dan Day. Day appears here again as inker in this 80's horror comic titled Shadows From The Grave #1, and his brother David Day does the artwork this time around...artwork that carries similar styles to his kin. Kevin McConnell writes all of the stories for this issue.

The three stories that appear in this book are "A Grave Mistake", "Purgatory", and "Flesh and Blood". Taking a look at "Purgatory" first, this is a western tale about revenge. A dark rider walks into an old ghost town and unleashes vengeance upon four men that had tortured and killed him in another life. Anyone that has ever seen Clint Eastwood's western movie titled, "High Plains Drifter" is going to see a lot of similarities here.

Next up is "Flesh and Blood". This is a decrepit tale of a man that discovers a book of spells, and begins to conjure food and money by kissing corpses and sleeping in tombs. The more spells he completes the worse they get...until finally he conjures a spell to control power of life and death, unleashing hordes of undead to do his bidding. Realizing the mistake he's made, he now wants to reverse the spell...but there is only one requirement needed for that...his own death.

My favorite story of the three is "A Grave Mistake", about a grave robbers taste for coffin jewels...but opens up more than he bargained for. Read it in it's entirety here:


Also included is a portfolio of David Day's artwork, here's a sample:

While the stories in Shadows From The Grave are ok for the most part...the star of the show here is David Day's artwork and Dan Day's inks. Both brothers carry a unique style they can call their own, and give the stories an aged, classic feel throughout. Pick this up if you are in the mood for collecting some good 80's horror.


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