Saturday, October 8, 2011

Horror-Mood: Out of the Night (ACG, 1998)

Out of the Night was originally a pre-code horror series by American Comics Group in the 1950's. In 1998 they put out an Out of the Night #1 one-shot featuring four new vampire stories by various writers and artists. Included here are "Blood Oath", "The Last Bite", "A Perfect Monster", and "Strange Mr. Milque".

"Blood Oath" is the story about a small village invaded by a hungry vampire, who is taking villager's daughters for his meals night after night. The villagers are afraid to stand up to the vampire, so one man takes it upon himself to rid the town of the fanged-one after his own daughter is killed.

"The Last Bite" is a tale about a private eye's vengeance against a vampire that has killed his partner.

"A Perfect Monster" is a story by Bill McCay and drawn by the brothers Day, Dan and David. This one's about a serial-killer who makes the mistake of kidnapping and torturing a female vampire.

"Strange Mr. Milque" is about a lonely vampire who falls in love and decides to bite his love interest so she will marry him. But what he doesn't expect is his new bride's penchant for fresh blood.

This is a decent one-shot of vampire stories, and horror-comic aficionados should keep a look out for it in the backstock bins at your LCS.


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