Monday, October 17, 2011

Horror-Mood: Madhouse #96 (Red Circle Comics, 1974)

A month ago I talked about a comic called Red Circle Sorcery and how Archie Publications had created a new horror line under the Red Circle Comics logo. Another comic under that line was called Madhouse, and today's spotlight is on Madhouse #96.

The Madhouse series shares a lot in common with Red Circle Sorcery. There is even the same "Essays Into The Supernatural" feature that exists within the other title. This issue includes four stories, "Never Bother A Dead Man", "Demon Kiss", "The Devil's Matchmaker", and "The Gentlest Dog On The Block!".

The standout story in this issue is "Demon Kiss" by Bruce Jones, which is about a girl who will do anything to become a Hollywood movie star...even if that means making a deal with the devil. Here is the complete story:

Another favorite of mine is, "The Devil's Matchmaker" by John Jacobson and Sal Amendola:

And here is the "Essays of the Supernatural" page of the issue:

This issue of Madhouse has some great artwork and the stories are ok. It seems like this series contained all of the leftover stories from it's sister comic Red Circle Sorcery, although the stories are more demonic here.

More Horror and Halloween comic goodness to come in the days ahead! Stay tuned!


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